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 Ang Sa Akon Lang.....

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Ang Sa Akon Lang..... Empty
PostSubject: Ang Sa Akon Lang.....   Ang Sa Akon Lang..... Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 12:11 am

I use the subject line ‘Ang Sa Akon Lang’ to signify that the topic is focused on personal opinion only. This topic is not meant to create divisions but to unite Jamindanganon by gathering their opinions and what we look forward, at the end of the day, is to see the common denominator of all the opinions which will possibly be the starting point to bring across to a proper venue.

Let’s not put our opinion for reading entertainment alone but to make use of the space to voice out what you feel and think the best way to improve Jamindan and its community. To help us derive to a common standpoint as Jamindanganon. I discourage people to use manipulatively this topic as a launching pad for their personal interests.

Maligning or attacking someone’s personality or opinion that may create conflict is not permissible. I urge you to put your opinion without referring on someone’s personality, or if possible, not to refer from someone else’s opinion. You may agree that we cannot get positive or the best result we look for by way of aggressively attacking or insulting other people.

After all, it is our moral obligation to our town and fellow Jamindanganon, to actively participate for its development and of safeguarding our town from the abusive and malicious acts by others.

Confidentiality: Your opinion will be open to the readers like the other messages posted under the main topic, the reason why I oblige you to place your opinion on a decent and friendly manner. However, it is not permitted to anyone to copy or publish someone’s opinion to other sites without prior consent of the owner and of the JFM Binuligay.com approval.

Let your opinion be heard…
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Ang Sa Akon Lang.....
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