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 what are your plans in life?

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renold verano

renold verano

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Humor : What we think is our reality. Vision without action is illusion!
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what are your plans in life? Empty
PostSubject: what are your plans in life?   what are your plans in life? Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 1:08 am

we all want to live in this world happy and satisfied.

i wanted to share and uncover what reli my fellow jamindanganon's purpose for striving hard in life. from planning and their course of action to conceive the kind of life they dream of.

lets start it from me.

i am now on the process of learning. i try to analyze how business and money work for other people. i already started some form of investments but my financial education was still poor.

i was born a farmer myself. and i dont want to live my life in that process. its so hard for me since im not good enough for it. if, i indeed do farmings its for the sake of doing it as i like or love it not for a living. i couldn't feed my family well in that kind of work specially if i didn't own hectares of land (which our family didn't really own). so i have to find other options.

since we are only a farmer i need much money to start a business. where the hell was money in place like our town? a little amount maybe but million pesos or hundreds of thousand was unconceivable. so i have to study hard and get a good grades from a great skul. i work for more than a year after i got my degree from college but still i can't go ahead financially. i can't even hardly support for my needs and my parents and other siblings who's also in need.

manakara i do it my own. im now working not to earn money but to learn more. i help other people run their real estate business for free in exchange of learning and opportunities. i want to learn how rich people become rich and how they retain it in their hands.

im not that ambitious person as you may think. but the point is, how can you help others and your family when you yourself couldn't even save? if you want to share something you must have it first.

a dream will just be a dream if you didnt take any action. thus, vision without action is illusion. we only live in this world once. live it right and to the fullest...
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Registered User
Registered User

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what are your plans in life? Empty
PostSubject: Re: what are your plans in life?   what are your plans in life? Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 2:51 pm

[size=18)5 years from now, I'll going home and settle down, enjoying the life to the fullest Very Happy life is so short anyway..hehe[/size]
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what are your plans in life?
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